Kopi Ketje Ndeso Blend

100gr | Rp 22.000
250gr | Rp 55.000



Els Coffee presents a wide selection of premium gourmet coffee beans from various areas across Indonesia. Our coffee beans are 100% pure, locally grown, well-harvested, meticulously sorted, and professionally roasted by our Italian roaster. We are proud to finally serve Indonesia with the best premium coffee beans across Indonesia.
Els Coffee is proud of itself on the quality of coffee it brings to the World Market. We serve our customers the widest selection of fine-roasted Pure Indonesian Coffee, with quality minus compromise and specifically roast in Lampung to ensure our customers are buying both a quality and consistent product.
As a coffee roaster, we continually set standards and strive towards the spirit of innovation so as to maintain our leading position in the market. Our creative eye-catching designed and packaged coffee are popular and readily available at any outlets like major supermarkets, stores, convenience shops and restaurants. If there is ever anything that we can do to help you out, please let us know!

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